finalizing setup

with this guide you will install some core homebrew apps as well as customize your system

Installing core homebrew apps

  1. Make sure that your console has a working internet connection

  2. Open VitaDeploy, navigate to "App Downloader" and select the following apps:

    • VitaShell

    • VitaDB Downloader

    • Adrenaline

    • PKGj

    • vita-savemgr

    • Custom Themes Manager

  3. Click on "Download the selected apps", VitaDeploy will download the app packages and install them to your system

Optional steps

  • Add some internal user storage on Phat (PCH-1XXX) units by going to VitaDeploy->"Miscellaneous"->"Create an internal memory card" (i recommend the 100MB option)

  • Replace the abandoned "near" app with VitaDeploy by clicking on VitaDeploy->"Miscellaneous"->"Replace 'near' with VitaDeploy"

  • Remove the annoying AVLS auto-enable by using VitaDeploy->"Miscellaneous"->"Toggle the AutoAVLS feature"

    • Warning: this will enable Auto-AVLS if it's currently disabled

That's it!

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