sd2vita adapter setup

with this guide you will set up the sd2vita adapter to be used instead of the expensive sony memory card, (skip this if you don't have an sd2vita adapter)

Formatting the microSD card

  1. Insert the SD2Vita adapter into the GameCard slot

  2. Open VitaDeploy and go to "Miscellaneous"->"Format a storage device"

  3. Press "Format target storage" and wait until it finishes

  4. Reboot the console

If format fails, make sure that the adapter pins are not damaged, enable YAMT in Settings->"Devices"->"Storage Devices", reboot the console and try again. If format still fails, disable YAMT in Settings->"Devices"->"Storage Devices" and follow the storagemgr guide instead.

Copying files

  1. Open the Settings app, navigate to "Devices"->"Storage Devices" and enable YAMT

  2. Reboot the console and open VitaDeploy's file manager, make sure that the "uma0:" partition is visible

  3. Go to the "ux0:" partition and select all the folders besides "SceIoTrash" (press SQUARE to select)

  4. Press TRIANGLE and select "Copy"

  5. Go to the "uma0:" partition, press TRIANGLE and then select "Paste"

Setting the microSD card as the main storage

  1. Go to the Settings app and then navigate to "Devices"->"Storage Devices"

  2. Set "ux0:" to SD2Vita and "uma0:" to Memory Card

  3. Reboot the console, in System Settings it should now show the microSD size as the memory card size.

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